Consultancy services for safe and profitable growth


Enable safe and profitable business growth

Lasting growth is only possible if your business can continually make good decisions and execute them effectively.  At POP, we believe this starts with prioritising your approach to internal change and risk management. 

That’s where we come in...

If you are thinking that it might be time to start operating more like a big company, then it probably is.

We design and implement enhanced change and risk governance that improves resource prioritisation and protects future reputation to enable safe, profitable growth and your digital transition.

Our experts in corporate change and risk management will work with your leadership team for 2 - 6 months.

Review how you manage change and risk in your company today.

Design a company target operating model (TOM) to identify, prioritise and manage change initiatives, including strategic actions that manage your top and emerging risks.

Implement and commence the operation of your change and risk management, including tools for tracking and reporting and cultural embedment across your business divisions and functions (comms, training etc).