The function of human resources is an important element in businesses of all sizes. The smooth sailing of a business depends on good human resource solutions from employee recruitment to employee relations. We, at POP & Co, ensure that we provide solutions in all areas of human resources, contributing to successive growth while saving costs. Our solutions enable businesses to reap the benefits detailed below.

Enabled focus on core business

Outsourcing HR tasks such as recruitment, onboarding and performance management can save time and help a business focus on its core service offering. You can stop worrying about working ‘for’ your business and instead start focusing on working ‘on’ your business.

Cost savings

From recruitment costs to other expenses such as salaries and administration costs, outsourcing HR functions can help keep your business lean and save on key costs.

Lower turnover

High turnover is unfavorable for any business as it increases the costs of recruitment and training. We provide employees with constant support in terms of career progression and reviews to ensure they are on the right path, helping them stay in the company for the long-term, and substantially lowering turnover.

High caliber talent

It has become a challenge to attract high caliber talent in today’s highly competitive corporate environment. Hiring the right talent is critical to the success of a business. We ensure you receive the best talent via our extensive networks and detailed interview process that considers a candidate’s skills and values.

Strengthened employee engagement

Employee engagement is vital for any business. We provide performance management, leadership development and culture management to improve employee relations and strengthen employee engagement.

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