With the evolution of technology there is also the rise of new job roles to keep up with the times. A Virtual Assistant is one such role that is similar to a personal assistant, except instead of being physically present in an office, they work remotely. In this blog, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this role.

Who is a virtual assistant?
Virtual assistants have emerged as the most cost-effective option for businesses looking to outsource their day-to-day administrative tasks.

What is the role of a virtual assistant?
Their range of work can be classified into three categories: Administrative support, Marketing support or Systems support. Their work can range from helping you complete daily administrative functions such as updating and maintaining contact lists on your CRM and organising files on Dropbox, Google Drive etc, to helping you implement business processes for better customer relationship management.

Why do businesses hire virtual assistants?
Hiring virtual assistants has proven to be more cost-effective for businesses, and beneficial to on-site employees by reducing their workload and the need for additional training on the aforementioned roles.
Having a virtual assistant has also shown an increase in organisational productivity because it frees up your time while helping to streamline business processes.

How do you manage a virtual assistant?
First, you will need to specify the type of assistance you require, and this will depend on the industry in which you work. Once you have identified your business needs and hired an assistant to match, you can coordinate different tasks or possibilities of extra work via regular remote meetings to keep him/her up-to-date with your organisation’s potential projects.
Integrating your virtual assistant with your in-house team can further help build a harmonious relationship where they feel valued. This inevitably can help you make the most of their expertise and time as they are more likely in a position to relieve your in-house staff with regular administrative requirements, and allow your business to take a cost-effective approach that benefits both, your business and team.

If there is anything the “new normal” has taught businesses, it is that you can work from anywhere in the world and still produce the same, or sometimes, a better output. Virtual assistants therefore, aim to redefine mundane and time-consuming administrative work and fuel more productivity to your business by helping you save time and money.
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