From culture to service, the people of an organisation set the tone for any business. Choosing the right people, with the right skill set for the right position can make the difference between success and failure. High employee turnover will not only be a costly affair in terms of hiring and training, but also negatively impact the quality of teamwork, team morale and overall efficiency.

A high rate of employee turnover in a business can be a symptom of a host of causes. Listed below are common reasons for high employee turnover in businesses:

  1. An overwhelming volume of work
  2. Lack of proper structure
  3. Inability to liaise with teammates or other departments to complete tasks
  4. Communication and transparency issues within the company
  5. Low employee engagement
  6. Lack of recognition
  7. No career progression
  8. Remuneration issues

Oftentimes, these issues stem from a lack of proper HR management within a business. Outsourcing the HR and recruitment function to a dependable and skilled partner will ensure that your business has access to a larger talent pool from which to select team members, in addition to finding a long-lasting solution that fits the specific needs of your business.

Positive measures to minimise employee turnover include:

  1. An onboarding and orientation system that primes recruits to seamlessly integrate
  2. A more objective selection process, resulting in the right skills and personality for each position
  3. Clarity in terms of job expectations, work culture and other tangibles and intangibles
  4. Structured evaluation and career progression paths
  5. Formalised and transparent recognition systems
  6. Learning and development structures to ensure engagement
  7. Transparency of remuneration

Outsourcing HR and recruitment to an expert partner will not only save your business time and money, it will also help avoid the common pitfalls often faced by small and medium-sized businesses. Hiring and retaining a strong team also breeds a high-performance culture and dynamic that promotes communication, collaboration, design thinking and innovation, resulting in your business thriving.

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